Violent crime charges can lead to massive changes in your life. Not only do you have to face the possible criminal penalties that would come with a conviction, you also have to deal with the social impacts of the charges. We know that dealing with all of these consequences can be difficult. While we can’t stop the social impacts, we can help you to build your defense against the charges.

The social impacts that you might face are likely based solely on your charges. Many people won’t wait for you to be convicted. Unlike the criminal justice system, the social system doesn’t really go by the “innocent until proven guilty” concept. It goes by something that is more like guilty until proven innocent. Even if you are found not guilty, the stigma of the charges might remain.

We know that you are probably more worried about your freedom right now. We can help you explore defense options for your case. These might include pleas of innocence based on an alibi or other evidence. In some cases, an admission of guilt might be an option if there were extenuating circumstances present. There are even some cases in which a self-defense strategy might be appropriate.

You should know that your case is unique. There isn’t any defense strategy that will work for every case that features a specific charge. When we work on your defense, we must take all aspects of the case into account so that we can provide you with a defense that is customized to the facts, evidence and circumstances of your case.