There only a few crimes that get the attention of the population more than a violent crime. Many times, the prosecutors are looking to find a person who may have committed the crime instead of finding the correct person who did the heinous crime.

There is a huge impact to the entire community that happens when someone is seriously injured or dies from a violent crime. The truth is that the media, community, police authorities and prosecutors treat the person accused of this to a much harsher reality than another crime. It is as if they have been tried in the court of public opinion and have already been found guilty.

For many years, lawmakers have actually been competing against each other to see who can be tougher on crimes than anyone else by promising and implementing stricter penalties and steeper consequences.

In Maryland Heights, Missouri, the authorities and investigators with the local police department have made public the victim and the suspect that are involved in a murder at an apartment building over the past weekend. The victim is a 35-year-old man who was shot many times all over his body. He was transported to the hospital in town where he perished due to trauma from the shots. The police brought a 26-year-old male neighbor in for questioning and he remains in custody.

The Maryland Heights police chief stated that the murder happened at approximately 3:30 p.m., on Saturday. The apartment complex is located at the 12500 block on Ardwick Lane. The witnesses to the shooting said that the two men involved, the suspect and the victim, were arguing over extremely loud music just before the shooting happened.

If you or a loved one has been brought into custody because of a violent crime occurring that you may or may not have been involved in, you may want to call in an experienced attorney to help you.

Source: Fox 2 Now, “Victim identified, charges filed in Maryland Heights apartment murder,” Kevin S. Held, Dec. 14, 2015