In our previous post, we discussed how federal weapons convictions have declined in the past decade. While it is important for people to know the federal gun laws, it is also important for Missouri residents to know about some of the state laws pertaining to weapons. We know that navigating through the laws to determine what is legal can be rather difficult. If you are facing a weapons charge, we can help you learn what went wrong and how to defend yourself against the charges.

One aspect of gun ownership that is often confusing pertains to when you are allowed to carry your gun. Missouri’s laws allow people who have a permit to carry a concealed weapon to do so in a vehicle. They are allowed to carry their gun on properties that don’t permit guns as long as the gun remains in the vehicle and isn’t brandished from the vehicle. However, if the vehicle in question is a bus, the gun owner could face a felony charge for bringing the gun on the bus.

That is only one example of how complex the laws are when you are trying to determine if your actions with your gun are lawful. If you are facing weapons charges, we can help you to learn your options for a defense. We can help you to determine your options at each step of your case.

You don’t have to fight against your weapons charges alone. We can help you to ensure your rights are respected. We can help you to learn how your charges might affect your future rights to carry a gun.