White collar crimes aren’t violent, but they can lead to very serious penalties that can greatly affect a person’s life. We know that you might not have realized that anything fishy was going on until you were charged with a white collar crime. These crimes, such as mass marketing fraud or embezzlement, are often complex.

Let’s take a look at mass marketing fraud. Mass marketing fraud occurs when a person or persons use the mail, email, telephones and other mass communication options to try to get money out of people in a fraudulent manner. Oftentimes, criminal charges for this type of fraud are based upon the types of communicative devices uses. For example, Internet fraud and mail fraud are both forms of mass marketing fraud.

A person who is being accused of mass marketing fraud needs to start working on a defense strategy right away. Because of the complexities associated with these types of schemes, defendants should take as much time as possible to build their defense. Part of this is because of the time it will take to go through the case against the defendant.

We know that when you start thinking about the penalties that are possible with these charges, you might start to get worried. You might have questions that demand answers. We can help you to learn about the penalties that you face. We can help you to explore the possible defense strategies that might be applicable to your case. Once we have all the information, we can help you to decide on a course of action for your case.