People who hold certain jobs are held to high standards when it comes to their conduct. When their actions fail to uphold the standards that are set, they might face criminal charges. In the case of public servants, criminal charges are possible for a variety of actions. One man was recently sentenced in a case centered around corruption and sexual contact.

The man was a part-time jailer at a county jail in Missouri when the illegal actions took place. The man was arrested in 2011 for charges of sexual contact with a prisoner and acceding to public corruption by a public servant. All told, the man faced 17 felony counts.

The man recently pleaded guilty to one count of acceding to public corruption and one count of sexual contact with a prisoner. He was sentenced to four years in prison for each of those charges.

This man opted to end his case by pleading guilty to two of the charges against him. Others who are facing criminal charges might opt to do something similar by entering into a plea bargain with the prosecution.

There are several points of negotiation for a plea bargain. You might be able to negotiate the charges to which you will plead guilty. You might be able to negotiate a sentence. You might even be able to negotiate which facts are presented in your case.

If you are considering a plea deal, especially for a sex-related charge, you must be sure that you fully understand how a plea bargain might affect you. Once you have a complete understanding, you can decide if you want to enter into the deal or not.

Source: Ozarks First, “Ex-jailer Sentenced on Sex and Corruption Charges,” Nov. 06, 2015