People are sometimes put into situations in which they have to defend their life or the life of another person. If that defense includes having to take the life of the attacker, you might find yourself facing criminal charges. Charges for homicide are also possible in some circumstances, including when someone takes a person’s life in the heat of passion or makes mistakes that lead to a death.

We know that facing criminal charges for a homicide can be a stressful time. We can help you learn about your options regarding crafting a defense strategy. Potential strategies might include showing that you were in fear for your life or someone else’s life, and that the resulting death was the only way to stop that threat. Your strategy might also be that you weren’t the person who committed the homicide.

As you are exploring your options for a defense strategy, you should take the evidence in your case into account. We can help you to investigate the case against you. We can help you determine if there is anything that we can call into question as part of your defense.

Another thing that is important for you to understand is the definition of your charges. In a nutshell, murder charges are the most serious homicide charges. Voluntary manslaughter charges are next in line. Involuntary manslaughter is third. Vehicular homicide and negligent homicide charges are also possible.

Homicide charges in Missouri carry very serious penalties. A vociferous defense is vital for all homicide cases, so get started building your defense as soon as you learn that you are being charged.