Halloween is just around the corner. Many people, adults and children alike, are looking forward to donning costumes and heading out to Halloween festivities. For sex offenders in Missouri, that isn’t possible. Sex offenders in this state have to abide by laws that severely restrict their activities on Halloween.

Sex offenders in Missouri have to abide by a law dubbed the “No Candy” law. They aren’t allowed to pass out candy or participate in Halloween activities that involve children. They must leave the exterior lights off at their residence during the trick-or-treat times. A sign that clearly notes that no candy is available at the residence must also be posted outside of the residence.

Supporters of these laws claim that the laws keep children safe while they venture around in search of candy. Opponents of the law say that these laws unfairly inflict more punishment on people who might have paid their debt to society. Those opponents also note that children aren’t in any increased danger on Halloween night, which is backed by a 2009 study that was published in Sexual Abuse: A Journal of Research and Treatment.

Regardless of how sex offenders feel about these laws, the fact remains that they can face criminal charges if they are found in violation of the No Candy laws. With that in mind, all sex offenders should make sure they understand the restrictions that they must comply with for Halloween night.

If you are facing criminal charges for any sex-related crimes, including violating the sex offender laws, you should start working on your defense right away. Learning about the options that you might have enables you to make an informed decision.

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