Being charged with sexual assault and other sex-related crimes is a devastating experience for almost any defendant. In many cases, these cases become cases that involve your word against the other person’s word. This is especially true if your case involves another adult who consented to the sexual contact and then recanted that consent later.

There are several options that might work for a defense that might apply to your case. We understand that you want to minimize the effects of the case. Not only do you have to deal with the possible criminal penalties you face, you also have to face how the charges themselves might affect your reputation. The criminal justice system might classify you as innocent until proven guilty, but society might not agree with that line of thought. Society might shun you simply because you were accused. We know that protecting your rights and reputation is vital.

We can help you to explore all the options for a defense that might be appropriate for your case. We can delve into the evidence to determine if there is anything that we can use. Even something as simple as issues with the victim identifying you might help your defense.

There isn’t any reason why you should sit back and think the charges against you will go away. Instead, we should get to work right away to build your defense. Whether you are basing your case on total innocence, the fact that you did have the alleged victim’s consent or other factors, we can help you to decide how to proceed with your case.