Authorities allege that a man in St. Louis committed a number of charges during a short spree of crime that took place on July 27. According to reports, the man is being charged with vehicle theft, breaking into homes, robbery and leaving an accident scene.

Reports indicate that the man allegedly stole a truck while the driver of the vehicle was occupied with removing a trailer from the hitch. After driving away in the stolen truck, officials say that the man crashed the truck into a house. The accident left damage on both the vehicle and the foundation of the home.

Reports indicate that the man then allegedly fled the truck through a window, which he kicked out. He reportedly took a briefcase from the truck with him and made a failed attempt to break into the house the truck had crashed into. Allegedly, the man then broke into a nearby home and demanded that the person inside hand over all items in his or her pockets or be shot.

According to reports, the man stole a money clip and some vitamins from that home. He then allegedly broke into another home. Reports indicate a woman inside the third home ran out. Police officers responding to calls about the incidents say they caught the man while he was climbing from a window in the third home. The man is facing charges associated with all of the alleged incidents.

When authorities charge someone with a spree of crimes, it is easy for additional charges to be caught up in the mix. Even if someone did commit one or more of the crimes reported during a spree, they might not be involved with all crimes and incidents reported or thought to have occurred. Understanding how to defend against multiple crimes and appeal cases when crimes are inappropriately lumped together is an important aspect of any defense.

Source: St. Louis Post-Dispatch, “Police arrest man following crime spree in south St. Louis County,” Christine Byers, July 28, 2015