In recent weeks, we’ve discussed several types of crimes and allegations and how a strong criminal defense can help protect your rights and your future when facing charges. One topic we covered was related to the challenges and dangers of criminal allegations levied at college students. Criminal charges at a young age can mar someone’s reputation for life, impacting future choices.

Today, we’re discussing another type of allegation or charge that can seriously impact your future: probation violations. Seemingly, some probation violations are minor matters. If you are on probation, simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time can be a matter of violation, and innocent mistakes do happen when someone is in such a situation. Other issues that can be cause for violation include missing a meeting with a probation officer or misbehaving in some way that crosses the lines of a probation agreement.

While it may seem a minor issue that you missed a probation meeting or failed to fulfill probation obligations in some other way, the consequences can be far from minor. You might face serious penalties from an original criminal conviction that were previously deferred in favor of probation. You could even face additional penalties related to the probation violation.

Don’t face probation violation charges alone. We can help defend you against such violations, especially in cases where a misunderstanding caused the alleged violation. Being charged with a serious probation violation can feel like an enormous setback for someone who is already trying to overcome a previous conviction. We can help you face the challenge with a plan and hope for the future.