Gun crime charges can lead to serious consequences in Missouri, especially if the defendant is accused of another crime in addition to a gun-related offense. In fact, even if you have taken all of the legal steps to purchase, possess and carry a firearm in Missouri, you can still be charged with a crime if a prosecutor believes that you provided a gun to a person who isn’t permitted to have one.

Individuals previously convicted of felonies are barred from possessing firearms. However, in some situations, the fact that a gun is in the presence of a convicted felon does not necessarily mean that he or she is in possession of the weapon.

For example, consider a situation that characterizes many gun charges. A person with a felony record is riding in a car with a number of other people. A police officer pulls over the car and sees marijuana in the vehicle. A search of the vehicle ensues, and a gun is found under one of the seats.

The passenger with a felony record may be charged with a gun crime, but depending on the circumstances, it may still be possible to show that the gun was not actually in the defendant’s possession. If the police and prosecution are unable to establish an evidentiary link between the gun and the accused, then the prosecution may decide to drop the charge.

However, to achieve a favorable outcome in any such case, the defendant should speak with a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. The stakes are too high to let the prosecution move forward unchallenged.