Allegations of violent crime can evoke strong public reactions, and people tend to sympathize with the accuser and assume the guilt of the accused. Despite public opinion, however, no one accused of a violent crime is presumed guilty in the eyes of the law. Every person facing a criminal charge has a right to defend against the allegations, and not everyone accused of a violent crime is guilty.

Domestic abuse is one violent crime that has received increased attention in recent months, as celebrities and athletes have found themselves facing charges. The stakes are high in these cases. Even if a person convicted of domestic violence doesn’t have to serve a jail sentence, there may be other damaging repercussions, including a criminal record, family strife, limited employment opportunities and loss of child custody rights.

There are at least two sides to every domestic dispute, and sometimes thoroughly investigating and telling the defendant’s side of the story results in the charge being dropped or dismissed. It also isn’t uncommon for false allegations to result in a domestic violence charge, especially if the parties are involved in a family law dispute.

Attorneys at Sindel, Sindel & Noble, P.C., understand that domestic violence cases can be extremely complex. We represent individuals in Missouri accused of domestic abuse in criminal court, as well as in civil hearings related to the issuance of orders of protection. In any case, early intervention by a criminal defense attorney is important to protecting the rights and freedom of the accused.