The criminal charges related to firearm use and possession are many and various, both on the state and federal levels. If you are charged with a gun offense in connection with another crime, then you are likely facing the possibility of a prison sentence. Even if you are arrested for possessing a small amount of marijuana, having a gun on you at the time of the arrest can significantly increase the severity of the possible penalties.

Every individual accused of a gun crime will need an aggressive criminal defense to achieve the best possible outcome. Attorneys at Sindel, Sindel & Noble are experienced in defending against allegations of firearms crimes. Not everyone accused of these offenses is guilty, and a strong criminal defense can protect against prosecutors’ overzealous tactics.

Sometimes weapons charges arise from illegal searches. Police must follow established protocol when conducting a search and seizure, and just because a person is pulled over for a minor traffic violation does not automatically give an officer the right to search the vehicle.

When an illegal search leads to gun charges against a driver or passenger, it is crucial that the accused individual obtain experienced legal counsel as soon as possible. In any case, you can expect the prosecution to seek the harshest possible penalties, and a skilled defense attorney can fight back by investigating the full range of facts and challenging the prosecution’s claims.

A gun charge conviction can affect a person’s life for many years to come. If you are accused of such an offense, then you will need to speak with a criminal defense attorney to achieve a favorable outcome.