There is no rule that you have to wait to be charged with a crime before you can start defending against potential allegations. If you believe you are being investigated by authorities, then you should contact a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible.

Particularly in matters of white collar crime, investigations tend to be quite lengthy, and the accused may be able to mount a defense that prevents charges from ever being filed. For example, in cases involving potential allegations of securities fraud, often the information in question can be interpreted in numerous ways. The Securities and Exchange Commission’s interpretation may suggest criminal activity, but a more comprehensive interpretation on the part of the defense could show that the facts of the case do not support a criminal charge.

Often an immense body of evidence is presented in connection with allegations of white collar crime. Whether a person is accused of securities fraud, insider trading, money laundering, embezzlement or some other type of fraud, an attorney with the capacity to interpret massive amounts of evidence will be needed to achieve a favorable outcome.

At Sindel, Sindel & Noble, P.C., we represent individuals facing white collar crime allegations in state and federal courts. Many charges of fraud are filed at the federal level, and anyone facing such an allegation should have a defense attorney with experience in handling federal cases.

For people being investigated for white collar crimes, the stakes are high. A mere allegation could have a negative impact on the reputation and future of the accused. That is why it is extremely important to have skilled legal counsel every step of the way.