A Missouri woman has been charged with stealing millions from her employer over the course of 10 years. According to the employer, the woman’s actions put them in a situation of debt they didn’t realize existed until the woman was gone from the company. At that time, the company’s president said, the company was underwater, resulting in the loss of the business.

According to reports, the woman is a CPA. FBI agents allege that she used a number of methods to transfer money from the business accounts to her personal accounts. To cover the funds she took, say authorities, she arranged for loans from banks to the business. During this time, she worked as the company’s controller. She faces allegations of embezzlement of $3 million.

Reportedly, the woman used the funds to pay for a lavish lifestyle, including $59,000 total on spa visits over the decade. She also allegedly funded the decoration and stocking of a basement bar in her home. Her husband, who is a carpenter and built the bar, said he didn’t know that the money came from alleged embezzlement. He said he was a carpenter and his wife was a CPA. He assumed she had a job that paid well and didn’t question the source of the money.

Allegedly, the woman also used funds for clothing and jewelry purchases and to pay off her mortgage. She has been arrested by the FBI. According to reports, she is being charged with bank fraud, money laundering and wire fraud. She faces 11 counts in all.

Any theft or white collar crime is serious, but larger amounts sometimes come with more stringent consequences. Anyone facing white collar charges should consider their legal and personal needs and work with knowledgeable assistance to create a viable defense strategy.

Source: KSHB Kansas, “Northland woman indicted for embezzlement scheme made lavish purchases,” July 1, 2014