Any criminal charge is serious and can be frightening to face. Perhaps one of the most frightening charges to face, however, is murder. Violent crimes in general carry the risk of strict and serious consequences, and in some cases, a murder conviction can result in a permanent loss of freedom or even a loss of life.

One man in St. Louis is facing such charges after police alleged that he entered a local corner market and killed a clerk during robbery. According to police, the incident occurred around 3:52 p.m. on July 6.

Authorities allege that the defendant carried a handgun into the store and pointed it at the clerk. They say he then shot the man in the chest and head before moving behind the counter himself. Once behind the counter, police say, the man took money from the cash register.

Police say video of the inside of the store shows the initial shots being fired. The video then allegedly shows the clerk attempting to catch the attention of individuals who entered the store after those first shots. Authorities say the video then shows the final shots and theft of the money.

A neighbor who was interviewed said one man reportedly went into the store during the robbery. According to reports, the defendant allegedly allowed that man to take a soda from the store. The man stated that he didn’t realize there was an alleged crime in progress.

When faced with murder charges, it’s important for an individual to understand the details of the case, the evidence that may be used against him or her and how that information impacts possible defense options.

Source: St. Louis Post-Dispatch, “St. Louis man charged with robbing and killing corner store clerk” Joel Currier and Valerie Schremp, Jul. 07, 2014