Later this month, the head of the division of the Justice Department that is directly tasked with prosecuting white-collar crime is choosing to step down from her position. While Mythili Raman has been in charge of the white-collar crime division, the Justice Department has become increasingly focused on holding violators accountable for their actions under the law.

Raman recently told CNBC that, “We’ve not only done a lot in the last several years, but we’ve really laid the groundwork for even increased enforcement in the years to come.” What does this mean practically for individuals who may come under suspicion for related illegal activity? The answer to this question is not entirely clear. What is clear is that if you are under suspicion of committing white-collar crime or you believe that you might be the subject of an investigation any time soon, you need to speak with a criminal law attorney experienced in such matters.

Raman recently emphasized how focused the Justice Department is in matters of white-collar crime enforcement when she noted that, “We are prosecutors to the core. Our DNA is such that if a crime was committed, we bring charges. When there’s the evidence to support a charge and sustain a conviction, we will bring charges.” These strong words should serve as an advance warning to anyone concerned that they may come under suspicion for illegal activity.

Speaking with an attorney and determining the best course of action under the circumstances may allow you more options than you would have if you only began to cooperate with law enforcement and prosecutors after they formally arrest you and file charges.

Source: CNBC, “DOJ official says groundwork laid for more white-collar crime enforcement,” Scott Cohn, March 5, 2014