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October 2015 Archives

Sex-related charges can be charged at federal or state levels

When many people hear about sex-related charges, they might automatically think about rape and other violent crimes. Those are only some of the crimes that are considered sex-related crimes. If you are facing charges that are considered sex-related, you should immediately begin working on your defense strategy so that you have as much time as possible to get everything together.

Halloween means more restrictions for sex offenders in Missouri

Halloween is just around the corner. Many people, adults and children alike, are looking forward to donning costumes and heading out to Halloween festivities. For sex offenders in Missouri, that isn't possible. Sex offenders in this state have to abide by laws that severely restrict their activities on Halloween.

Understand how homicide charges might affect defense strategies

People are sometimes put into situations in which they have to defend their life or the life of another person. If that defense includes having to take the life of the attacker, you might find yourself facing criminal charges. Charges for homicide are also possible in some circumstances, including when someone takes a person's life in the heat of passion or makes mistakes that lead to a death.

Homicide charges demand a vigorous defense strategy

Violent crimes, such as homicide, have very serious penalties associated with a conviction. Anyone who is facing these types of criminal charges should work to understand the specific points pertaining to the charge. Learning about the possible penalties is also very important. When you are familiar with all of these aspects of your case, you might be able to make more informed decisions about your defense.

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