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June 2015 Archives

Internet crimes: an evolving area of criminal law

The Internet is in homes and businesses around the globe, and millions of individuals stay connected all the time through mobile devices. While connectivity has become a way of life for many, the legal areas associated with the Web are still evolving -- including Internet crime charges and how to defend against them.

Understanding the appeals process in Missouri

Facing criminal charges can create a feeling of helplessness or vulnerability for the person arrested. It can continue right on through a trial, despite skilled legal representation participating, because of the unknown potential outcome. It may be helpful to note, however, that there are laws in place to help defendants exercise their right to a proper defense. One of these protections – appealing a trial conviction – can make a big difference to a defendant's future.

Missouri man claims innocence at sentencing for sexual assault

Even if the allegations are false, much is at stake for individuals accused of sexual offenses. A sex crime charge that is never proven in court can still have a negative effect on a person's reputation and personal relationships. Anyone accused of a sex offense should learn as much as they can about the law and how it applies to their case.

What are white collar crimes?

According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the term "white collar crime" was coined as early as 1939. The term now covers a range of crimes that involve almost any type of fraud, usually committed by those working for governments or businesses. White collar crimes cover a variety of scams and fraud situations.

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