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Few types of crime receive more serious attention from prosecutors and the courts than violent crimes. The impact that violent crimes have on a community forces prosecutors and the courts to treat violent crime and the people charged with having committed those crimes to a more harsh standard. Add that to the fact that for decades lawmakers have been in a race to see who could be more tough on crime by creating more severe consequences and mandatory minimum sentences.

If you or a loved one has been charged with a violent crime, you need to know that your attorney has the skills and experience necessary to defend you and that they are committed to truly helping you fight to protect your rights.

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At Sindel Noble, our attorneys include a former prosecutor, public defender, police officer and DEA agent. Our experience in law enforcement and on both sides of the courtroom allows us to craft extremely strong cases for our clients. We know that our clients are coming to us in a time of real need. We have been helping the accused secure the best possible outcome to his or her situation for more than 75 years. Let us defend you against your charges.

Our firm offers exceptional criminal defense representation to those facing such charges as:

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If you or a loved one is facing charges of having committed a violent crime, start building your defense today. You cannot afford to take any chances that may jeopardize your future. Turn to the experienced and skilled attorneys of Sindel Noble To schedule a free initial consultation with one of our St. Louis Assault Criminal Defense Lawyers, call 314-499-1282, or contact us online. They will vigorously defend you or your family using intelligence, diligence and imagination.